ViendoMovies Offers Exciting Premiers for August


ViendoMovies Releases Films from Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru and the Dominican Republic in August


Miami, Fl - July, 2018 – ViendoMovies, the 24-hours a day channel featuring exclusive, commercial free movies, originally produced in Spanish, announces the films premiering in August. These releases bring together dramas, romantic comedies, and horror films that promise to captivate the audience.

For starters, The Mexican drama "Raquel" premiers this month. This film follows Raquel, a woman who struggles to end the secret relationship with her lover, who happens to be her roommate’s boyfriend, but the spark of their romance is rekindled again and again. Following this exciting drama, the anticipated romantic comedy "Quiero Ser Fiel" will also debut this month. The film follows Alberto a writer (played by Valentino Lanus) who finds the woman of his dreams while he writes a book describing the causes why men cheat. While Alberto fids material for his book, he ends up having a lot of misunderstandings with his new found love. This film has an all-star cast that includes: Sandra Echavarría, Dulce Maria, Saúl Lisazo and Jon Molerio. Another romantic comedy to be released that will delight the audience is "Solo Química". In this film, Oli, a 22-year-old girl played by Ana Fernandez (from the hit series "Las Chicas del Cable"), falls in love with an Argentinean film star, played by Rodrigo Guirao Diaz, with whom she manages to have a romance. However, due to their different lifestyles and Oli's best friend, this romance will be compromised. Additionally, another romantic comedy, "Sin Hijos" premieres. This film follows Gabriel, who is a single father and his daughter is the center of his life, but when he reunites with an old love he must pretend that he has no children because Vicky, the woman he is dating, tells him that she would never be with someone who has children.

For those who love dramas, "Brava" is released. This movie follows Janine who is assaulted in a subway. After this traumatic episode Janine cannot be the same and decides to take refuge in the town where her father lives. However, there she must face the ghosts that accompany her. "Matar El Tiempo" is another action-packed drama that follows Robert an American who works in Spain. Robert depends on his webcam to communicate with his family in the United States and this leads him to meet Sara in the web. In one of their conversations, Sara is attacked by two mafia men who want to know the whereabouts of her son, Sara refuses to talk and is abducted. Robert as the only witness must find a way to help her.

Finally, for suspense and horror film lovers, "Entre Sombras Averno" and "Cementerio General" will be released in august as well. "Entre Sombras Averno", follows Carlos Viteri, a policeman involved in the investigation of a new serial killer. Carlos has lost trust in the justice system and this results in an internal conflict between what is right and what is not. "Cementerio General" follows a group of teenagers who decide to go to the cemetery to play with the Ouija board to communicate with their dead relatives but this adventure ends very differently than they had thought.

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