This Summer ViendoMovies brings Hot Weekends


Miami, Fl - July, 2018 – ViendoMovies, the 24-hours a day channel featuring exclusive, commercial free movies, originally produced in Spanish, announces special programming for the weekends during summer. While the temperatures increase during the summer, ViendoMovies offers sensual movies to enjoy during the weekend nights. ViendoMovies has made a selection that combines first-rate castings and production ​​appropriate to contemporary Spanish cinema with attractive stories full of sensuality.

Among the films that will be presented in this summer cycle is "Erotika, Luz de Luna", a Mexican film stared by Bruno Bichir, Alejandra Ambrosi, and Eduardo Arroyuelo. In this film three very sensual stories occur during a lunar eclipse and end up being connected. The Argentine film "Dos Mas Dos" will also be scheduled during summer nights. In this film Diego played by Adrian Suar and Emilia played by Julieta Diaz are a married couple who are invited to be swingers by a couple of friends. This movie was the highest grossing in Argentina in 2012.

Additionally, the films “Año Bisiesto”, “Tensión Sexual No Resulta”, and “La Montana Rusa” will be programmed during this hot cycle. "Año Bisiesto" is a Mexican film in which Laura a girl from Oaxaca who starts a new life in the capital, will discover in her intimate life the element that she needed in her life. The Spanish comedy "Tensión Sexual No Resulta " follows a teacher who bribes his student to help him recover his girlfriend. This plan results in a confusing web of manipulation, lies and sexual tension. Finally "La Montaña Rusa" is a Spanish comedy that follows three friends wrapped in a love triangle.

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