This August ViendoMovies premiers El Amparo


MIAMI, Fl., August, 2019 – ViendoMovies, the commercial free channel owned by SOMOSTV featuring exclusive movies, originally produced in Spanish, premiers this Saturday, August 10 the Venezuelan movie El Amparo. With this premier, the film channel fulfills its commitment to bring the best of Latin American cinema originally produced in Spanish to the screens of the United States and Puerto Rico.

The film narrates a controversial historical event where police and military officials unfairly massacred innocent citizens. The case was taken to international courts, which blamed the Venezuelan government of this atrocious events. Directed by Rober Calzadilla, this dramatic story takes place in the late 80s in a Venezuelan town called El Amparo. Located on the border with Colombia, the town inhabitants experienced the hard lifestyle of living in a two countries’ border. In the Arauca River, Pinilla (Vicente Quintero) and Chumba (Giovanny García) are two humble men who survived an armed attack where 14 of their companions died. They claim to be fishermen but the Venezuelan army accuses them of guerrillas. With threats and intimidation, the army tries to get them out of the cell where a police officer and the people from the village protect them. However, the pressure they faced to give in and submit the official version is overwhelming.

The movie was winner in the following festivals: Festival del Cine Venezolano, Biarritz International Festival of Latin American Cinema, Viña del Mar Film Festival, Havana Film Festival, Milan African Film Festival, São Paulo International Film Festival, among others.

ViendoMovies is a channel that is characterized by having current and exclusive content and highlights high-quality films from Latin American countries. El Amparo restates this message and will impact more than one spectator.

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