ViendoMovies presents the best of Sandra Echeverría this August


MIAMI, Fl., August, 2019 – ViendoMovies, the 24-hours a day channel featuring exclusive, commercial free movies, originally produced in Spanish, brings the month of August a special programming with the proclaimed actress Sandra Echeverría. The talented Mexican artist, singer and model will captivate all channel subscribers every Sunday night with her most successful films: Cambio de Ruta (Mexico), Quiero Ser Fiel (Dominican Republic), Volando Bajo (Mexico) y Amor de Mis Amores (Mexico).

Beginning the first Sunday of August, ViendoMovies will present Cambio de Ruta. In this romantic comedy, Sandra plays Nicté, the best tour guide in the Riviera Maya. Suddenly, the company where she works is bought by a transnational company and Nicté is forced to form her own company. At the same time, the most important tourism magazine in the world opens a competition to find the best Tourist Guide in Mexico, and of course Nicté will do the impossible to win this prize.

For Sunday, August 11 the channel presents Quiero Ser Fiel. Alberto (Valentino Lanus) is a writer who was hired to discover why men are unfaithful and then write a book about the subject. In order to find the cause, Alberto gets involved in infidelity situations with several women, the problem arises when he endangers his marriage to Sara (Sandra Echeverría). 

The movie Volando Bajo will be broadcast on Sunday, August 18. Sandra plays Sara Medrano, a reporter who wants to discover the past of Cornelius, one of the members of the famous 80's duo, "Los Jilgueros Del Rosarito." Playing a “detective role,” Sara will interview Chuyín (Gerardo Taracena) the other member who has returned to Mexico to face the ghosts of his past and the loneliness of his present.

To end the month, ViendoMovies brings Amor de Mis Amores. Sandra plays Lucía, a girl who is about to celebrate the most important day of her life. During one of her marital errands, she accidentally runs over León. From this meeting a "love at first sight" story will be born between them, although Lucía does not suspect that León is a week away from marrying Ana, which until that moment was "the love of his life".

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