ViendoMovies Honors all the Mothers in Their Special day, Mother’s Day


MIAMI, Fl., May, 2019 - ViendoMovies, the channel owned by SOMOSTV that programs the best exclusive films 24 hours a day and without commercial breaks, will pay homage to all women celebrating the joy of motherhood with films alluding to be a mother, one of the most important roles in the family. May 12 becomes one of the most beautiful days of the year, and ViendoMovies will be part of this date with a set of dedicated, exclusive and entertaining movies.

Throughout the day, the channel will present a variety of films of different genres: El Cumple de la Abuela (Mexico), Ma Ma (Spain), Club Sándwich (Mexico), La Novia (Spain), Los Insólitos Peces Gato (Mexico),  3 Bellezas (Venezuela), Sin Hijos (Argentina), 9 Meses (Spain), Mama Ya Crecí (Chile).

Among the most outstanding films is El Cumple de la Abuela. Nominated for the Ariel Awards, this Mexican comedy brings four brothers together for a weekend to celebrate their grandmother's birthday. As expected when families get together, something abnormal happens. The father of the 4 brothers has found the "love of his life" and wants to change his course as an irresponsible drunk. This news comes just as the lives of his children are passing through their worst moments. 

Special mention deserves the film Ma Ma. Awarded to 14 nominations in eight film festivals including the Goya Awards, Penelope Cruz personifies Magda, a mother and unemployed teacher who is diagnosed with breast cancer. The international star plays a character that thanks to her courage and optimism will live unexpected scenes of humor, drama and happiness.

Club Sándwich, another movie selected for Mother’s Day, shows that the strongest relationship between a mother and her son can change instantly when her child shows the first hints of love and attraction towards a young girl. The film was nominated at the Festivals of San Sebastián, Mar de Plata, Turin, Ariel and Fénix. 

As one of the May premieres, the channel presents La Novia, a film nominated for the Goya, Feroz, Platino, Forqué and Gaudí Awards. This love drama presents Leonardo, a couple’s friend who is getting married. When their wedding date approaches, Leonardo and the bride realized that they are in love and that nothing can’t separate them.

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