ViendoMovies premieres this March “La libertad del diablo”


MIAMI, Fl., March, 2019 – ViendoMovies, the 24-hours a day channel featuring exclusive, commercial free movies, originally produced in Spanish, announces the exclusive premiere on March 2 of the Mexican film “La libertad del diablo.” The film, which narrates the phenomenon of violence in Mexico, has received more than 13 nominations at prestigious festivals such as the Fénix Awards, the Ariel Awards and the International Film Festival of Berlin, among other important events.

“La libertad del diablo” it is a psychological documentary that penetrates the minds of the protagonists who have gone through a violent situation due to the Mexican gang, the police or the inhabitants themselves. The film is based on interviews that give goosebumps with victims and victimizers, this interviews are made in a very impressive way. Covered with masks, the interviewees look at the camera and narrate their misadventures. Police, military, armed men, children and women are part of this strong story set in 2016. Looking into the eyes of the protagonists of violence, both victims and executioners, helps to understand how fear inserts into the subconscious of society. In this narrative and through a network of concrete stories, we face the darkest features of the human psyche, the fragile balance between humanity and evil.

ViendoMovies is characterized by having exclusive and high quality content. “La libertad del diablo” reiterates that message. The movie will make an impact in more than one viewer and will not disappoint the spectators. Other premieres in the channel will be “¿Cómo te llamas?”(Colombia), “Muerte en Berruecos” (Venezuela), “Sangre en la boca” (Argentina), “Y tu mamá también” (Mexico), “Secuestro” (Spain), “Cuando dejes de quererme” (Spain), “Sergio y Serguei” (Cuba) y “El hombre de las mil caras” (Spain).

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