ViendoMovies celebrates Dominican Republic Independence Day!


MIAMI, Fl., February, 2019 – ViendoMovies, the 24-hours a day channel featuring exclusive, commercial free movies, originally produced in Spanish celebrates Dominican Republic Independence with fun and entertaining films.

The channel has been characterized by celebrating the Latin cultural diversity and the festivities of each community. With it, the channel always presents a unique blend of exclusive and quality Ibero-American films. This February 27, the channel celebrates as Dominicans like it: with joy, music, dance and above all, lots of laughter!

Throughout the day the channel will broadcast 100% Dominican movies with prominent and famous actors who make the audience spent a pleasant and very entertaining time. In this round of films, we highlight “Dos Policías en Apuros”. This crazy story is about two imprudent Dominican policemen and a professional agent of the FBI who join forces to investigate an international criminal gang. “Dos Policías en Apuros” is starring by Sebastián Rulli, Fausto Mata, Raúl Carbonell.

We also highlight "Mañana no te Olvides," another Dominican film.  An adolescent with Down syndrome and his grandfather diagnosed with Alzheimer's, form a special relationship that will allow them to enjoy the positive side of life. This movie is followed by the comedy "Dinero Fácil," which shows the story of Vicente Ventura (Daniel Aurelio), a hard-working but ordinary young man who wants to become rich and important. Seeing that he does not succeed, he pretends to be a wealthy man to do business with a great businessman named Ivan Torres.

The fun continues with “Todos los Hombres son Iguales”. Starring Frank Perozo and Nashla Bogaert, three men in the process of divorce meet during a flight to the Dominican Republic. They become friends and once they arrived to Dominican Republic, they decide to move together and share a lifestyle with rules of coexistence of fun macho style.

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