This February ViendoMovies has exclusive box office premiers


 MIAMI, Fl., February, 2019 – ViendoMovies, the 24-hours a day channel featuring exclusive, commercial free movies, originally produced in Spanish, announces its premieres for this month of February. These premieres are all high profile Iberoamerican films and popular in their countries of origin. From the comfort of your home the channel presents this month a perfect balance of different genres including drama, comedy and suspense.

The Mexican presence in February is marked by the movie "Como te ves, me vi." This drama shows the intergenerational conflicts of a teenager who is misunderstood by his dysfunctional family and confused in love. He will have to make drastic decisions while his parents have forgotten that they were adolescents too at one time. The film is starred by Rocío Verdejo, Juan Ríos and Cristina Rodlo. Added to this premier’s list is "Cuerpo de élite" (Spain, starring Maria Leon, Miki Esparbé and Jordi Sanchéz) which will make all the viewers laugh. The movie is about a Spanish secret service, the "Cuerpo de élite" that suffers the total loss of its members, so a new group of agents needs to be recruited. The new group’s mission is to find a mad terrorist who submerged a bomb on Palomares’ beach. What this new group does not know is that perhaps this terrorist is among them.

Following these premieres, ViendoMovies will show "Siete Muertos" (Spain). In this high-tension thriller, Clara lives in terror because of Norman’s revenge, a writer she worked with ten years ago, against her. This revenge is a sequence of murders starting with her boyfriend, followed by her loved ones, in a circle that will only be closed with the seventh victim. "Siete Muertos" is starred by Manuela Vellés, Juan Manuel Bernal and Víctor Clavijo. The film "Pablo" (Colombia) follows the release. Pablo loves soccer and wants to become a famous player, not only because it is his dream but because he wants his father to recognize his efforts. On the day of his debut, an injury will change his path, and Paul will have to follow and only courage will help him get up again.

Among other great releases is also “Más vivos que nunca” (Venezuelan comedy), a "magical" movie in which a group of older adults becomes teenagers. Of course, this transformation is not literal. The story revolves around a group of grandmothers and grandparents who gather their solitude in the “El Edén” asylum, where they manage to consolidate as a family. Finally, the February premieres close with “Ausencia” (Chile), “Una noche de amor” (Argentina) and “La reconquista” (Spain).

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