SOMOS Distribution adds the Turkish series "Lady’s Farms" to Natpe


Miami, FL – SOMOS Distribution, the independent audiovisual content distribution company presided by Luis Villanueva, announces adds to its global portfolio the Turkish drama series, "Lady's Farm", the hit drama of Kanal D. SOMOS Distribución has been characterized by presenting to its clients dramas and international successful series, "Lady's Farm" is integrated in this way to the portfolio of Turkish dramas of the distributor. The series, shot in the city of Adana and adapted from the novel Hanımın Çiftliği (by the Turkish writer Orhan Kemal), obtained an attractive average sharing of 32% per chapter in Turkey.

"Lady's Farm" is set in the 50s, a hard time for most women. The plot is developed with Güllü, a poor worker who is constantly mistreated by her father and older brother. Her forbidden love is Kemall, a humble and hard-working man just like her. They want to get married but her father does not allow it.  Güllü must marry Ramazan, the factory owner’s nephew. Güllü does not accept this enforced love and decides to escape with Kemall, but when discovered by her brother, Kemall shoots him and ends up in jail. Güllü is beaten even more when Kemall writes her a letter saying that he does not lover her anymore and she must obeys his father’s will. Güllü is destroyed, but just before marrying Ramazan, his uncle Muzaffer falls in love with her. Although she is not in love with Muzaffer, she takes advantage of this situation and marries him. Muzaffer is an extremely wealthy man and owner of the factory.

As the story unfolds, Güllü experiences episodes where she starts falling in love with Muzaffer, she will become a mother, she will fight to discover the murderer of Ramazan and finally meets again her true love, Kemall.

"Lady's Farm" contains 140 episodes and is starring by Mehmet Aslantuğ, Özgü Namal, Caner Cindoruk, Fikret Kuşkan and Ebru Özkan. This drama joins SOMOS Distribution’s list of Turkish series "Fallen Apart", "Destiny" and "Under the Trees".

SOMOS Distribution will be in suites 2-1715 and 2-1717.

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