New Turkish dramas in Natpe by SOMOS Distribution


SOMOS Distribution, the independent audiovisual content distribution company presided by Luis Villanueva, will present in NATPE "Lady's Farm", "Fallen Apart" and "Wildrose", three new Turkish dramas that will be added to the company’s portfolio together with other titles such as "Destiny", "Under The Trees", "Matter of Respect" , "Sunshine Girls" and "Gummus ". This way, the company offers to its clients a strengthened catalog with a range of Turkish dramas. Together they hold a diverse range of plots and a list of attractive talent, with proven quality and acceptance among the audience.

Francisco Villanueva, COO of SOMOS Distribution stated: "We are very pleased and have high expectations with this group of new Turkish dramas coming from our alliance with Kanal D. This new series make up a very attractive offer in a genre of much success in the region for its production stories and values. We are confident in the artistic and technical quality of these dramas, and we know that they will be received with great interest by our customers."

“Lady’s Farm” is one of the most outstanding products of SOMOS Distribution’s offer. Developed in the 50s, the series tells the story of Güllü, a brave girl who works in a factory with her family that mistreats her. She is in love with Kemal, a man who ends up in prison, and Güllü is forced to marry the owner of the factory. The plot unfolds with Güllü trying to live a good life, but with a frustrated love leading by the desire for prosperity, power and the dream of becoming the Lady's Farm. This series consists of 140 episodes. 

“Fallen Apart” is another drama with an impressive and attractive story. This modern adaptation of the famous novel written by Kerime Nadir, "Fallen Apart", narrates the impossible love between Kenan and Nalan. Kenan is an orphan adopted by Nalan's father, Azmi who is extremely wealthy. Kenan arrives at Azmi's mansion and grows up with Nalan. They both fall in love, but they do not find the courage to confess their love. The social difference will not be the only obstacle to be together, İlhami, a very dangerous man, will become one of the greatest threats to their love. "Fallen Apart" consists of 50 episodes.

Finishing with the new offer of Turkish dramas SOMOS Distribution presents "Wildrose". Gülizar a dreamy girl of 25 years, lives in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Smyrna. Gülizar wants to be a famous singer and works in a nightclub trying to achieve her dream. One day news comes from the real father of Gülizar, who is very rich but due to illness has the days numbered. He wants to see Gülizar for the last time and wants him to live with them in his mansion. When Gülizar arrives at the Mansion he immediately falls in love with Murat, the son of the housekeeper of the mansion. However, Murat is committed to Mina, Gülizar's stepsister. "Wildrose" has 26 episodes.

The new Turkish series join the rest of the SOMOS Distribution's product offering, which includes the series "Cazadores de Milagros" and "Súbete a Mi Motor," along with movies and other genres.

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