Somos Next announces the launch of “FlixLatino Go”, an entertainment platform offering a continuously updated selection of more than 200 films in Spanish for just $2.99/month. FlixLatino Go is focused on catering to the growing demands of the US Hispanic market and Puerto Rico, characterized by a high incidence of film lovers and over indexing in mobile online connected devices. It allows subscribers to continuously watch a vast selection of non-dubbed Spanish-language movies, which are refreshed monthly. The service is now available on any device through its website, its mobile application for iOS and Android devices, and ROKU among other platforms.

“FlixLatino Go” offers contemporary films, all high-profile theatrical releases in their respective Spanish-speaking countries, in HD through its SVOD platform. Since its inception, “FlixLatino” began making its presence known through its YouTube Channel, where it developed a significant following for its content. Due to its success, FlixLatino moved onto a more direct business-to-customer distribution, delivering a higher quality user experience. Through the FlixLatino Go application, subscribers can enjoy the attractive film catalog on devices such as TV screens, computers, tablets and smartphones. The catalog showcases movies from all Spanish-speaking countries (Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, and Chile among others) in all genres (action, drama, romance, comedy, horror and suspense).

Luis Villanueva, President and CEO of Somos Next stated: “The Latin community needs an option to enjoy the best contemporary Spanish language movies at a reasonable price. We all know that Latinos are film fanatics and technology lovers, consuming entertainment through connected devices at a high volume. At the same time we know that Latinos are an important part of the millennials, a generation that has its own habits, with the aspect of mobility as one of its most essential components. With FlixLatino Go we are giving Latinos a product that is highly competitive when it comes to price with the options and tools that can be found in the most popular applications in the market.”

Luis Guillermo Villanueva, COO of Somos Next indicated as well: “FlixLatino Go was carefully developed, with a testing time that allowed us to have an application that operates smoothly. The platform incorporates all features necessary to help the subscriber, such as: recommendations, trailers, synopsis and a continuous flow of new titles that allow us to maintain variety and attractive premieres. The beta stage of the application indicates high acceptance and we will now focus on promoting its use. FlixLatino Go includes monthly premieres and will soon offer Spanish language series, which have been having a lot of success worldwide.”

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